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The Oda Foundation, in tandem with local leaders, private partners and government support, develops integrative community development solutions for some of Nepal's most geographically isolated communities. Headquartered in the district of Kalikot, the foundation has concentrated healthcare and education initiatives while providing additional community needs as they are identified.

Job Position : Education Program Manager

Days Left: 253 Days
Job Category Admin/Mgmt Job Location Baneshwor
Job Level Mid Level Offered Salary Negotiable
No. of Vacancy/s [ 1 ] Apply Before(Deadline) 2021-12-22 (253 Days)
Employment Type Full Time Education Degree Bachelor

Job Specifications

  • A desire to work in the education and development sector
  • Solid comprehension of Microsoft Office
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Advanced written and spoken English and Nepali skills
  • A positive attitude with a proven track record for being a leader and a team player
  • An open-minded attitude towards living and working in Kalikot.
  • A strong work ethic and a genuine desire to make a difference in the Kalikot district
  • A proven track record for success, whether this is academically or otherwise
  • More than two years of teaching or education related experience

Job Description

Job Overview: 

The role of the Program Manager for Education will be to oversee a new partnership between the Oda Foundation and one local public school. The Program Manager will serve as a vice administrator in the local school, with a team of teachers reporting to her/him and will also provide leadership and direction in Oda Foundation programming and growth as it relates to education. The Program Manager must be comfortable serving in a senior-level management position both in the context of our local public school partner and on the Oda Foundation staff, thus a high level of maturity, leadership, and critical thinking skills are essential. 

The Oda Foundation has its own campus where the Program Manager will be provided room and board. However, most responsibilities will be carried out at our local public school partner’s campus located about 15 minutes’ walk away. At the public school, the Program Manager will be responsible for observing and training the teaching staff as well as serving in an administrative role to ensure the school functions at a high level. This will include holding the entire teaching staff accountable for proper and timely attendance and engagement as well as assisting the school in enforcing holidays, running parent teacher conferences and gathering student and teacher data including attendance rates, standardized test for student progression throughout the year, individualized progress reports for grade one and ECD students, and other M&E initiatives as is necessary. 

The Oda Foundation is partnering with Collaborative Schools Network (CSN) to implement an enhanced set of curriculum for the school’s grade one students, therefore an extended period of time learning about the CSN method will be required prior to departure for Kalikot.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Working with our education staff (the public school teaching staff) to provide teacher trainings, curriculum design assistance, and overall school management assistance
  • Communicating effectively in Nepali with our local team
  • Communicating effectively in English with various staff members and foreign Fellows
  • Implementing the Collaborative Schools Network model in our public school partner
  • Rigorous and timely data collection
  • Collaborating and offering guidance to the Education staff and foreign Fellows team on a daily basis
  • Navigating key stakeholder relationships including: local community members, local leaders, Gaunpalika representatives, and district-level officers

Benefits Include:

  • Being a valued member of an international staff (Nepali, American, and others)
  • Developing leadership and managerial skills in a position with high authority and responsibility
  • Gaining access to the operational necessities of running a nonprofit organization both in Nepal and in America
  • Enhancing your cultural and practical knowledge of Mid-Western Nepal
  • Being at the forefront of development implementation in Kalikot
  • Living and working in a self-paced environment that encourages creativity and autonomy
  • Paid time-off
  • Healthcare

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